What’s pho lunch?

A review in rhyme by C. (Sorry about the average quality photos, ain’t nobody got patience to take nice shots when they’re on the verge of hanger.) Enjoy 🙂

A breezy Tuesday afternoon,
Our group of six set off by foot.
The corner of Russell Street and Bourke
Was the end of our short route.

Twenty pho seven was its name,
A joyous pun for people who
appreciate this sort of thing.
For those who don’t…too bad for you.

We were seated in quite a jiffy,
a rare experience in a rather packed city.
Upon being served, there was much choice;
Their menu was varied (and also quite pretty).


Between all of us, we had quite a spread
Of items that suited each of our tastes.
It was not long til our food arrived,
A bonus for workers who need to make haste.

One of their new dishes – Saigon chicken curry
Came in a pot that was made of clay.
With a side of rice to pair with the spice,
Allie gave it a thumbs up and hurray.


There were two orders of vegan pho,
one of which was mine to devour.
And devour I did, for it was delicious,
and I’m sure that John would gladly concur.

IMG_7294 img_72971.jpg

What trip to a Vietnamese place would be
complete without a good ol’ beef pho.
High standards for Dai the legitimate Viet,
who concluded that it did not disappoint her.


Mel and Jeff both had vermicelli,
each customised with two toppings of choice.
Like the rest they were satisfied,
so we all ended our meal with great joys.

IMG_7299 IMG_7298

One small thing to note for those of you
who plan to visit at some future time:
No split bills, so bring some cash.
But otherwise there’s no reason to whine.

What more can I say? This round the clock business
has reasonable prices paired with good eats.
Down to earth food with no fuss or frills,
To be had for either a quick meal or a treat.

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